Residential Interiors

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Want to give style to a room or your whole house? You've come to the right place to meet interior design enthusiasts who love guiding you and bringing your projects to life. IARK is the best interior design company with a team of highly experienced interior designers who put their talent and creativity at your service to offer you an environment that suits you and where it will be good to live day after day.

Our Methodology

Each interior project is unique to us and different from the previous one because the needs, desires, and needs of the customers we face are different. Our goal is to design customized spaces in which aesthetics and functionality meet, making the customer's wishes concrete, considering and optimizing budget, costs, and times in the best possible way. We apply this methodology to all types of projects; we take the customer's wishes by hand, enriching them with details and bringing them into the real world thanks to realistic photo renders and also following the purchase and choice of materials phases.

Whether your project is for a single room, your kitchen, your bathroom, or for the whole house, our residential interior design service will include in whole or in part the following:

  •  Preliminary, definitive interior design
  •  Viewed 3D
  •  Executive project
  •  Custom furniture project
  •  Lighting project
  •  Garden Design
  •  Home Shopping List
  •  Terraces and gardens project

Would you like to talk about your project with our interior designers at IARK? Contact us now.