Home Renovation Interiors

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Do you want to renovate or rearrange your interior? Thanks to our expertise in interior architecture, we bring your ideas to life and support you from A to Z in the realization of your layout and development project. Whether it's a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, an attic, or an entire home to renovate, our team of interior designers will always have suitable solutions to offer you.

We Create a Project That Suits You

When you plan to renovate, rearrange, or fit out your interior, being accompanied by an interior designer can maximize the success of your project. We are at your side to create a project in your image and will help you in:

Check the feasibility of the project: We will let you know if the project is feasible based on the technical or legal constraints of the project and the budget allocated.

Simulation of many planning solutions: Calling our own interior designer also means giving you a luxury choice. In fact, we can provide many scheduling solutions.

Discover the potential for outdated or malfunctioning home decor: If you don't like the home decor or design, transform this space into a friendly space that adapts to your current lifestyle. Drawings, plans, or 3D visuals will make you stand out in the "beautiful home of your home" in the future.

Materials, Equipment, and Decoration Advice: Interior designers at IARK can use their expertise to help you find the right materials for your needs and preferences. This guarantees the quality of the renovation work.

Time-Saving: If you choose a turnkey contract, we will help you with management procedures and contractor selection. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we want to make sure that we follow up and coordinate our work ourselves.

What are you waiting for? Contact IARK now and renovate your home based on your needs, your desires, and your budget.