Modular Kitchens

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The modular and modular kitchen is the most widespread because it is built on the needs of space and functionality. IARK offers quality, professionalism, and skill in the design of modular kitchens according to the customer's needs. Our kitchens are distinguished by craftsmanship: they are beautiful, robust, quality, and functional. Our consultancy service covers all phases of the project, from the choice of model and material to the choice of appliances. Of course, always considering and paying particular attention to both the budget available to the customer and, above all, to what the latter's real needs are. In fact, the kitchens we make are modular and completely customizable in their parts.

Custom kitchens, thanks to our interior designs

IARK offers the possibility to purchase a fully custom-made modular kitchen, personalized in every detail, thanks to the presence of interior designers and the collaboration of carpenters and craftsmen of great skill.

Our modular kitchen design service includes:

  •  The survey of measurements.
  •  The elaboration of the drawing.
  •  The creation of a 3D model thanks to cutting-edge graphic software.

You can also take advantage of dedicated after-sales assistance and the transport and assembly service.

The materials used to make our modular kitchen furniture are certified carefully chosen for their quality, durability, and respect for the environment. Contact us for a personalized quote on our modular kitchens.