About IARK


IARK is the leading interior design and architect company offering quality expertise in Interior Design & Decoration in the residential, commercial, and corporate fields. We cater to all types of projects by offering practical, functional, and aesthetic advice, ideas, and solutions according to your taste, needs, and budget.

We design and fit out the interior spaces of your house, apartment, building, offices, or restaurant, taking into account your needs, desires, and budget. Depending on the shape and structure of the rooms, we redefine the layout and layout to make them more aesthetic, functional, and secure. We submit sketches and 3D plans to illustrate our vision of the project. With our creativity and technical skills, we offer you a choice of materials, colors, suitable lighting, and equipment and furniture. If necessary, we go further with the creation of custom-made furniture.


Our daily mission is to enhance your interiors from A to Z! We support you in designing and realizing your interior design and decoration project. During the first appointment, we encourage you to participate in an interior design project from the beginning and provide a perfectly appropriate solution with advice and experience.

We will combine natural materials with sophisticated atmospheres, elegant accessories, elegant fabrics, sophisticated designs, and precious materials to improve your living space and professional space with simple space and quality of materials.

The ultimate goal is to connect the core creativity, planning, and leadership of the approach, taking into account functional, safety, economic, social, cultural, and environmental standards.

Whether you want to design or renovate the interior of your home or office, contact IARK now and get a quote.